How To Care For Stained And Stamped Concrete Finishes

Installation of stained and stamped concrete floors is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Not only do you get to enjoy beautiful custom finishes in colors, styles, and patterns that you choose, you’ll also appreciate the low maintenance demands of these floors and exterior spaces like patios, driveways, and pool decks.

Concrete Floors Are the Toughest Floors You Can Have

Starting with the extremely durable foundation of a concrete floor, stained concrete and stamped concrete finishes create floors that are practically indestructible. For indoor and outdoor surfaces, decorative concrete floors have qualities in common that make them the lowest maintenance flooring you can have.

  • Finishes repel moisture and spills of all kinds, including food, drink, auto fluids, chemicals and pet accidents.
  • Sealed surfaces don’t trap dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, or allergens so floors stay cleaner.
  • Finishes are stain resistant so nothing will stain or mar the concrete floor.
  • No need for bleach, ammonia, or harsh detergents to clean stained or stamped decorative concrete floors.
  • The continuous, sealed surfaces will not chip, crack, peel or fade from UV damage.
  • Grouted designs like brick, flagstone, or cobblestone have faux grout lines that are part of the sealed surface so common problems with grout, like staining or crumbling, don’t ever happen.

Effortless Cleaning of Stained and Stamped Interior Concrete Floors

Stained and stamped concrete designs let you have the look of high-end finishes like marble and faux wood or stone, with the durability of concrete, anywhere in your home. You can have different styles in various rooms but with only one cleaning regimen, unlike the requirements of wood flooring, grouted tile, or carpet, all of which require special attention. All you need to keep decorative concrete interior floors like new is regular dry dust mopping and occasional wet mopping as needed.

Stained concrete floors that resist dust and dirt buildup make cleaning your floors almost effortless.

  • Microfiber dust mops create static electricity to grab dust and dirt. Also, Swifters are great with disposal dry sweeper pads or washable microfiber covers. For an inexpensive and effective DIY, pull fuzzy socks over the Swifter pad to dust.
  • Never spray the dust mop with cleaners or oil, these can create a very slick surface or dull the shine.
  • Get behind and under furniture with a dust mop that flattens out to keep your floors dust-free even where you can’t see.
  • Robotic vacuums are excellent for keeping concrete floors free of all debris, including dust, pet hair, and crumbs while you do something more fun.
  • Wet mop a dust-free floor with a microfiber or cotton mop, mopping in sections, rinsing the mop as you go
  • Only use neutral-pH cleaners like Simple Green or dish soap (pH7 to 8). If it says “mild, gentle, or great for hands” it should be safe to use. Castile soap is another great option, it only takes a few drops in a gallon of warm water.
  • If you use a commercial cleaner, you may need to do an overall clean water rinse so check the label. Neutral pH cleansers leave behind little to no residue and may not require rinsing.

Exterior Floors Are Equally Easy To Keep Clean

Although exterior stained and stamped concrete surfaces have the additional threats of extreme weather and enthusiastic activities to impact their finishes, cleaning and maintenance are not labor intensive. The durable, sealed surfaces resist chips, cracks, and peeling, and nothing sticks to the surface or gets ground in so they’re as easy to clean as interior floors.

Stamped concrete patios stay cleaner in any season in any weather, making them inviting places to spend quality time.

  • A broom or leaf blower will keep your outdoor floors and walkways free of dirt and debris
  • If heavily soiled, use a neutral pH cleaner with a medium bristle push broom or a pressure washer to keep your outside surfaces spotless.
  • Safely use a mild, biodegradable detergent that won’t harm your lawn and plants in case of water runoff.
  • After heavy rain or hosing off, brush away excess water so the surfaces can dry quickly
  • Make quick work of cleaning large areas like driveways, patios, or pool decks with industrial-size dust mops or brooms (18” to 36”).
  • No mold, or mildew can take hold in shade or under outdoor furniture, planters, and rugs due to the moisture-resistant surface that prevents water from seeping into the concrete.
  • If the finish in highly trafficked areas starts to dull or wear out after a few years, resealing will restore it to like-new condition.
  • You’ll never have the backbreaking task of removing grass or weeds from the faux grout lines of decorative concrete stone or tile designs.

Protective Measures for All Your Concrete Floors

Although easy to clean, there are some things you can do to improve performance as well as protect your stained and stamped decorative concrete floors, ensuring a long and happy relationship with your floors, both indoors and out.

  • When spills occur (including food and drink, oils, pet messes, and sticky substances) a quick swipe with an absorbent cloth is all you need to preserve the floor’s longevity.
  • Protect entryway, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room floors with rugs that absorb impact, dirt, and moisture.
  • Interior stained or stamped concrete floors can get added protection from a good floor wax.
  • If either your indoor or outdoor concrete floors start to dull or show wear in highly trafficked area, resealing will restore a like-new condition

Make life easier all year long with easy-care stained and stamped concrete floors that keep all your spaces cleaner and healthier. You’ll love all the design options for vibrant colors and faux stone and wood fixtures to upgrade your home inside and out.

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